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Qwest Communications International, Inc. was a large United States telecommunications carrier. Qwest provided local service in 14 western and midwestern U.S. states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.


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Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place sucks. Don’t bother getting a job here. They are unappreciative, manipulative and overly demanding. If suicide is an option, do that instead of getting a job in this place. Also, my manager is having an affair with a coworker, they are both married.This place sucks. Do not work here."

Broadband Technician (Former Employee) says

"get your jobs for the day in the morning. job routing done by people that don't know the area. techs are criscrossing each other all the time. schedule 6 hours of work to be done within the same 4 hour window. supervisor rarely available for guidance or help with issues. training was based on systems no longer in use. culture was hard to break into as the "new guy". good ol' boy club.paysupervisor support, vacation requests, union seniority"

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"This review is pointless since Qwest no longer exists and I never worked for CenturyLink which is the company that bought them."

Senior Tax Accountant (Former Employee) says

"As a contoller my duties consisted of wearing many hats. Preparing and distrbuting financial statements, reconcilaion of the G/L and all subsidiary ledgers. Interface with both internal and external customers.All internal requests came first, they could not see my work load, nor could they care. I made it a point that internal customers always came first.External customers included auditors, state agencies,IRS,DOL,Customs,Insurance brokers and many others.The hardest part of the job were the different timelines such as salaried and commision payroll, sales/use, franchise, excise, occupancy and payroll tax.The most enjoyable part of any job I had was always training.hands on enviormenti was lucky and didn't have any"

Jenna Bakken says

"I get WiFi for about a week until the signal goes out and we have to call. Customer service is extremely unhelpful and when they do actually help our signal come back it goes out after another week. Don’t ever use Century Link!!!"

Christina says

"Although the representatives are polite, I have been extremely disappointed in just trying to get my service started. They don't mail the modum until AFTER your service start date. That makes no sense, and to make matters worse, they mailed mine to the wrong address. When I called them and the error was realized, I was informed it was not possible to send the replacement equipment overnight. I just called to get the tracking number and was on hold over 10 minutes, and never spoke with a person. The message I had to listen to helpfully informed me that I could chat via the website, but I have no service. I'm burning data to post this review because this is such bad business."

Hayden Trudeau says

"Too bad zero stars isn’t an option. I feel the only reason they get business is through the contracts with apartments forcing clients to use it. I’ve had to use them twice with five years in between and somehow they managed to get worse. Waited 9 hours on the phone with no one knowing how to help set up their new modem and had to send three separate techs out to get WiFi running and still no WiFi. Hope my review doesn’t get lost in the 94% of bad reviews that feel the same."

Destiny says

"I wouldn’t even give them a star if it was an option. Worst internet provider I’ve ever gone through. Had them for 4 years because it was the only option on base. OVER PRICED, they are scammers, customer service sucks, they are missing a few brain cells & cant even give you reasoning on info you ask for. My final bill was $111 for JUST 20mbs of WIFI ONLY. They swore I missed a payment even though I provided a bank statement to prove I did not & confirmation #. Yet they threatened to throw it in collections if I did not pay the amount I was charged for. Can’t ever get ahold of someone & when I do they hang up or disconnect the chat line! Don’t go through them, they went through & still going through an ongoing lawsuit for scamming their customers for $$. Service is never good either. Who pays $111.03 for 20mbs of speed, yup me. Because they threatened to ruin my credit if I didn’t. Meanwhile my neighbor had the same thing only paying $45/month. I hope they lose out on all their money because of the sketchy & suspicious things they do! Don’t get them unless you’re willing to wait on the phone for hours each day to be hung up on, just for a question about your last bill!"

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